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SaunScentuals™️ Sampler Basket- Medium


This baskets allows you to try more of the scents you love, or even different scents you haven't had the pleasure of trying yet... all in one basket. This contains

2- Hydrating Body Milks

2-Body/Beauty Bars

1- Body Butter

1- Body Souffle

**You can choose 2-Black Soap/Shampoos OR 1-each of the Black Soap/Shampoo and Body Milk instead of 2-Body Milks if you desire. You can also choose 2-Body Butters OR 2-Body Souffles instead of 1 of each if you desire as well.** Please email me if you do not see your desired product combination.


Hydrating Body Milk (8oz). A light & airy lotion that soothes and hydrates the skin.

Body Souffle (4oz). A creamy rich moisture whip, that soothes and hydrates the skin. 

Body Butter (4oz). A shea butter based soothing body butter.

Enriched Black Soap/Shampoo (8oz). Removes dirt and build-up, especially for those with braids and locs. It is also an effective facial wash for oily and acne-prone skin. Infused with herbal blends that are antiseptic bactericidal and astringent.

Body Beauty Bar. 

  • Scent Descriptions

    • Lofinda... scented with a blend of essential oils including lavender, patchouli and vanilla.
    • Watoto... The word "Watoto" in Swahili means "The Children". Watoto is suited for babies and adults. It will help you sleep. Infused with chamomile and lavender.
    • Tangerine/Grape... Sweetened with Tangerine, Grapefuit, Magnolia and Patchouli essential oils.
    • Enriched Black Soap/Shampoo... Made with wood ash and palm kernel oil. Infused with herbal blends that are antiseptic, bactericidal, and astringent.
Hydrating Body Milk #1
Hydrating Body Milk #2
Body Butter
Body Souffle
Body/Beauty Bar #1
Body/Beauty Bar #2