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SaunScentuals™️ Sampler Basket- Small

This baskets allows you to try different scents all in one basket. This contains

1-Black Soap/Shampoo 

1- Hydrating Body Milk

1- Body/Beauty Bar

1- Body Butter

1- Body Souffle

 **You can choose 2-Black Soap/Shampoos OR 2-Body Milks instead of 1 of each if you desire. You can also do the same with the Body Butter and Body Souffle.** Please email me if you do not see your desired product combination.

•Hydrating Body Milk (8oz). A light & airy lotion that soothes and hydrates the skin.
•Body Souffle (4oz). A creamy rich moisture whip, that soothes and hydrates the skin.
•Body Butter (4oz). A shea butter based soothing body butter.
•Enriched Black Soap/Shampoo (8oz). Removes dirt and build-up, especially for those with braids and locs. It is also an effective facial wash for oily and acne-prone skin. Infused with herbal blends that are antiseptic bactericidal and astringent.
•Body Beauty Bar.

  • Scent Descriptions

    • Lofinda... scented with a blend of essential oils including lavender, patchouli and vanilla.
    • Watoto... The word "Watoto" in Swahili means "The Children". Watoto is suited for babies and adults. It will help you sleep. Infused with chamomile and lavender.
    • Tangerine/Grape... Sweetened with Tangerine, Grapefuit, Magnolia and Patchouli essential oils.
    • Enriched Black Soap/Shampoo... Made with wood ash and palm kernel oil. Infused with herbal blends that are antiseptic, bactericidal, and astringent.
Black Soap/Shampoo
Hydrating Body Milk
Body/Beauty Bar
Body Butter
Body Souffle